If you take your spouse, child or another person on a business trip the costs related to that person generally are not deductible. The only way in which the costs are deductible is if that person works for you, there is a bona fide business reason for the travel, and the costs would have been deductible had they been incurred by someone who was not accompanying you. If the person provides only incidental services (such as typing notes or acting as assistant), his or her travel expenses are not deductible.

Specific Details

The taxpayer reduced business income by $5,000 by deducting the cost of business travel expenses. Since the taxpayers income was assessed at 47% the decrease in income may increase the childs financial aid eligibility by $2,350 ($5,000 x 47%).

Potential Savings

If you are in a financial aid income assessment rate of 47%, you could increase your financial aid eligibility up to $470 for every $1,000 of income reduced by deducting your travel expenses.