“I set up a demo and was blown away. It is basically the holy grail of what I’ve been needing to offer my parents regarding the whole Financial Aid piece.”

Sarah Martin, Guidance Counselor | Red Lion Christian Academy | Delaware

“I want to shout about this program from the mountain tops!”

Linda Zimring, Past President, WACAC | College Counselor | Daniel Pearl Magnet High School | California

“This is a total No Brainer!”

Anne Cochran, Executive Director | Valley International Preparatory High | Los Angeles, CA

“This is very exciting – a genius program”

Lorraine S. Brooks, Principal | River Dell High School | Oradell, NJ

“Families who use SMARTTRACK® come to the table informed and equipped to make the best decision for their unique situation.”

Patrick Brett, Director of College and Career Center | North Penn High School | Lansdale, PA

”Very cool – a great resource”

Andy Tucker, Director of Student Services | Boulder Valley School District | Colorado

“I really like that SMARTTRACK takes a balanced, ethical, and reasonable approach to help families pay for college.”

Kelly Richards, Director of College Counseling | St. George's School | Middletown, RI

“SMARTTRACK is an excellent resource for our families to help them structure their finances and plan for what’s ahead. We have heard positive feedback from families so far and encourage them to use it early on.”

Tam Ly, MSW, MAEd, PPS, Director of Guidance and Counseling | La Salle College Preparatory | Pasadena, CA


As college funding experts, we show you how to best pay for college, how to pay less for college, and how to keep your retirement safe in the process.

  • Dramatically increase your chances of getting “free money” even if you think you make or have too much money to qualify.

  • See how the financial aid formula really works and why your financial planner, and/or accountant may be costing you thousands a year!

  • Access data-driven projections for what each school is likely to give your student in free money vs. loans, and estimate your final out-of-pocket costs per school.
  • Explore college funding options that can be significantly more cost-effective, tax-advantaged and easier for you to afford.


Many middle and upper-middle income families assume they won’t qualify for financial aid and don’t have a smart strategy to cover the costs. As a result, they drain their retirement accounts, squander their home equity, or drown themselves in college loan debt.

How you have your finances, assets, or taxes organized can unnecessarily inflate how much you will be expected to pay out of pocket.

SMARTTRACK® College Funding is revolutionary in that it empowers you to identify and address red flags in your financial profile long before you have to provide any colleges with your financial information.


How to best pay for college, how to pay less for college, and how to keep your retirement safe in the process.