In some cases, such as where the student’s spouse-to-be has substantial income and assets, it may be better for a student to file the financial aid application form before the marriage date. The student’s parents’ income and assets may have less negative effect on the student’s EFC than would the future spouse’s income and assets.

Specific Details

A student, who will be a senior in college, is planning on getting married in March. With his parents income and assets reported on the financial aid forms, the student qualifies for financial aid. Since the students fianc 0061lready has a good paying job and a significant amount of money in a trust fund, signing the financial aid forms prior to the wedding date will keep the fiancs0020income and assets out of the picture and allow the student to qualify for financial aid.

Potential Savings

If the student signs the financial aid forms before he is married, the spouses income and assets will not be included in the financial aid calculations.