SMARTTRACK® College Funding helps families better pay for college, pay less for college and keep retirement safe in the process.

If you have clients, members, subscribers and/or employees with college-bound children, we know they are deeply concerned about college affordability, now more than ever.

SMARTTRACK® provides your organization with an additional revenue stream while giving your people professional college funding planning services – a win/win/win opportunity.

SMARTTRACK® College Funding offers:

  • Customized Programs for Professionals, Businesses, and Corporations
  • Member Benefits Programs for Associations, Organizations, and Non-Profits
  • Employee Benefits Programs for Employers of all sizes

There are no costs to participate. All of our simple-to-use Programs include co-branded marketing materials, turnkey assets, and a generous revenue share or donation. Schedule a meeting to discuss how we can work together.



Team up with SMARTTRACK® to empower your families to maximize eligibility for college grants, scholarships, and financial aid, reduce dependence on expensive loans and learn personalized strategies to pay for college in the most advantageous way possible. A smart college funding plan can save families tens of thousands of dollars, regardless of their financial circumstances.

Learn how to put SMARTTRACK® College Funding to work for you! Add SMARTTRACK’s expertise to grow your business, gain a competitive edge and improve satisfaction, loyalty, and retention.


For Your Clients/Members/Subscribers/Employees:

  • Parent Education Webinars on Paying Less for College
  • Professional College Funding Assessments
  • Access to Proprietary Online Resources
  • Discounts on Advanced Services

For Businesses, Organizations, Associations, and Non-Profits:

  • No Cost to Participate
  • Simple to Use 
  • Customized Marketing Materials
  • Generous Revenue Share or Donations
  • Grateful Clients/Members/Subscribers/Employees

How to best pay for college, how to pay less for college, and how to keep your retirement safe in the process.