SMARTTRACK® College Funding Disclosure

SMARTTRACK®’s goal is to make college as affordable as possible for each family by proper financial structuring and paying in the most efficient ways. We strive to help you emerge from your children’s college years in the best possible circumstances for the next important phase of your life – retirement. College planning incorporates a wide scope of financial areas that may affect your current and future retirement, tax, business, and estate structures.

Due to the unique nature of each family’s financial situation, the best approach for your circumstances can be dramatically different than anyone else’s. Based upon your specific situation, your SMARTTRACK® Advisor may recommend suitable proprietary solutions, services, financial products, EFC or tax strategies, and/or legal and financial professionals to assist you in minimizing exposure to loss, and where possible, to increase your cash flow and ability to fund college more advantageously. We have identified over 172 unique strategies to maximize merit-based aid, need-based aid, tax planning, strategies to pay for college with tax-favored dollars, smart financing strategies to fund college costs, financial fee reduction strategies, and many others. Our comprehensive analysis is designed for optimal financial positioning now and through retirement, and your Advisor may identify areas relating directly or indirectly to your post-college financial needs, as well as for current college funding.

SMARTTRACK® and SMARTTRACK® Advisors never give legal or tax advice; you are encouraged to coordinate with your attorney, financial professional, or accountant, to discuss the use of such financial products or services.

Although your SMARTTRACK® Advisor is a licensed professional specifically trained to identify certain characteristics in your financial profile and make recommendations to benefit your situation, you are never obligated to utilize any such guidance or execute any specific solutions, nor use any particular person(s) to execute those solutions. The decision to implement all or part of the plan, as well as the professional(s) you choose are always in your full control. SMARTTRACK®’s commitment to your college funding planning and affordability will not change regardless of who implements any strategy. As per industry standards, your SMARTTRACK Advisor or any other advisor, may be compensated by the financial institution for the financial instruments or products you choose.

All financial products and solutions recommended by your SMARTTRACK® Advisor are offered by and through Financial Strategies Group, LLC.

Standards for SMARTTRACK® Advisors
SMARTTRACK® Advisors are held to high ethical standards and will never recommend any illegal or dishonest solutions.
SMARTTRACK® Advisors are licensed financial professionals. Each Advisor participates in rigorous and ongoing training programs and only recommends vetted and approved strategies and products.

Your Responsibilities & Important Things You Should Know
SMARTTRACK® Advisors can only base their recommendations on the information you provide. Therefore, it is critical that you provide complete and accurate information of all your assets, as well as providing a list of the assets that are dedicated, earmarked, or can be leveraged for college costs. However, no specific account identifiers are ever requested.
By Federal mandate, filling out, completing, and submitting/filing college financial aid forms such as the FAFSA, CSS Profile, IRS-DRT, IDOC, Verifications, Supplements, etc., are the responsibility of the student and parents.

SMARTRACK® and its websites, software, and applications will always strive to provide you with the best information and data possible. SMARTTRACK® uses multiple data sources, calculations, and comparisons, and is updated regularly. However, this data should serve as a general guide and may change at any time. Such data may not be comprehensive; SMARTTRACK® always recommends you confirm any information and requirements directly with the specific colleges you are considering.

SMARTTRACK® and your SMARTTRACK® Advisor focus on the financial aspects of college planning. SMARTTRACK® does not guarantee your child’s acceptance to any particular college or any financial aid. Such decisions are made by the colleges themselves, based upon the variety of factors they determine.

SMARTTRACK® Premium (including Smart Navigator, Smart Scholarships, and Smart Steps) is self-directed. Strategies shown do not necessarily reflect or apply to your specific situation or college list. The colleges you are reviewing may have additional requirements not shown in the SMARTTRACK® website, software, and application. You are responsible to confirm all requirements with the colleges to which your child applies.
The College Generosity Scale in Smart Navigator is calculated from historical data of the college and applies to need-based aid.

SMARTTRACK®’s Promise to You
SMARTTRACK® Advisors will always act in a professional manner, giving you the best information possible, and treating you with respect.
SMARTTRACK® is committed to assisting you. Please contact your Advisor directly with any questions, or feel free to call/email our corporate office at 888-831-1077, or